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Simon “Bonefish” Bain shows that Nassau is more than just a cruise ship thoroughfare. With a pedigree for fishing the flats and an eye for anything that floats, Bain prefers “catching” to fishing.

At seven, Simon Bain landed his first bonefish. By the time Simon turned 20, he was guiding anglers professionally. Decades later, he has come full circle, and he shares his mother’s passion for bonefish with as many folks as he can every year.

People throughout the Bahamas’ many islands know Simon Bain simply by his nickname “Bonefish,” and his family is a fixture on the North Bight of Andros. To say bonefish are part of his pedigree would be an understatement. He married legendary bonefish guide Charlie Smith’s daughter, Linda. Simon’s brother, Stanley Bain, was guiding at the age of 13 at the Bang Bang Club. Even his uncle Ivan Neymour guided.

After Simon’s formal education in Nassau ended, Since then Simon has had over 25 years guiding for bonefish. 

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Starting at $650.00 Bonefish Nassau - Full Day

Wading, Salt Water, Fly Fishing
Full Day
1–3 People
Lunch Provided / Drinks Provided

Bonefish the flats surrounding Nassau and Paradise Island. The rate is $650 for 1-2 people, $75 additional for a 3rd guest.

Starting at $450.00 Half Day Fishing

Wading, Salt Water, Fly Fishing
Morning Half Day
1–3 People

Half day guided fly fishing for bonefish in the water near Nassau. The rate is $450 for 1-2 people, $75 for an additional guest.

Starting at $500.00 Bonefish Nassau - Full Day Summer Special

Wading, Salt Water, Fly Fishing, Saltwater flats
Full Day
1–3 People
Catch and release
Transportation Provided

Bonefish the flats surrounding Nassau and Paradise Island. The rate is $400 for 1-2 people, $50 additional for a 3rd guest. This rate is available from June through the 2nd week of October.

Starting at $400.00 Half Day Fishing - Summer Special

Wading, Salt Water, Fly Fishing, Saltwater flats
Morning Half Day
1–3 People
Catch and release
Transportation Provided

Half day guided fly fishing for bonefish in the water near Nassau. The rate is $400 for 1-2 people, $50 for an additional guest. This rate is available from June through the 2nd week of October.

Starting at $100.00 Casting Lessons (Anywhere in the Bahamas)

Fly casting lesson
Full Day
1–20 People

Available trip add-ons: Additional hour (1-2 people total) $100.00

I have taught casting instruction and led seminars all across the Bahamas and in 38 states, Alaska to Utah to New Hampshire, etc. I have taught alongside Lefty Kreh and many more fly fishing legends. I am available to come teach you anywhere in the Bahamas for the lesson rate plus separate travel expenses from Nassau. If you are on Nassau, there will be no travel expenses and I will arrange lessons wherever is convenient for you -- I can request for your hotel to allow us to use their beach for lessons, for instance. Rates are $100 per hour starting with 1 or 2 people, and $50 per hour for each additional person. If you are interested in booking for multiple hours with a group size larger than 2 people, please contact me so I can set a custom trip rate below for you to book.

Starting at $100.00 Casting Lessons for Custom Group Size and Length

Fly casting lesson
Full Day
1–40 People

If you would like to book fly casting lessons for more than one hour and for a group of more than 2 people, contact me to confirm your group size and the number of hours. The rate is $100 per hour per every 2 people (e.g. 2 hours for 5-6 people would be $600). I am available to meet you anywhere in the Bahamas for professional in-person fly fishing casting instruction. This is a great activity for groups visiting the Bahamas for work, vacation, weddings, etc.!

$75.00 Digital Casting Lessons by Video Conference

Fly casting lesson
Full Day
1–2 People

Available trip add-ons: Additional hour $75.00

I can teach you how to learn or improve your fly casting over video conference wherever you are. We can set a time and arrange a video conference where I will watch your technique and instruct you on how to improve it. We can use WhatsApp, Google Hangout, or another video tool if you prefer something else. This can be great to get ready before a big fishing trip you have coming up.

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Fish Targeted

Bonefish, permit, tarpon

Fishing Seasons

Year round

Licenses and Requirements

None required

Suggested Tip

Tips are appreciated but up to the client

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My review from the Bahamian Tourism board "Bahamian legend and two-time Bonefish champion Simon Bain offers an exciting seafaring experience that allows you to pursue one of the Caribbean's most challenging catches, the bonefish."

8 Reviews

  1. Taylor Tipton

    Taylor Tipton

    Simon B was absolutely great. I took my 8 and 10 year old boys on the trip, and they loved it. Not only did we catch Bonefish, but Simon is a master at teaching the fly cast and we all got so much out of spending the day with him on the water. We will definitely use him again next time we are in the area. Thanks, Taylor

  2. Stuart Geldart

    Stuart Geldart

    Great day out on the water with Simon. I came for bonefish and bonefish is what I got. He helped sharpen my skills and shared a lot of insight into his daily passion. Much appreciated. Maybe a right hand reel for the next trip? :)

  3. Don Simon

    Don Simon

    Simon did an outstanding job. A tad unorthodox but we sure saw fish. He is an excellent guide and very entertaining. I have never seen anyone handle a fly rod like he can, amazing. He gave us both some great pointers and actually taught us some very simple techniques. We are planning on going back later in the year when the water warms up to spend some more time with Simon Bonefish Bain!!

  4. chris dyk

    chris dyk

    we had a good time with Simon! Cold water made the fishing difficult, and we only had an opportunity at a few bonefish. Simon worked to get us into fish, but they just weren't around. Simon could spend sometime updating gear. He had two rods, I had to help him glue one together on our way to fish. Then it broke in another spot that had already been glued together. The other rod he took along, didn't have a tip section for. At $450/half day I expected a little bit better gear. I don't need/expect $1000 Winston flyrods, but at guides discounts, he could have had some nice TFO's, Echo's etc for $100-$150 or less. Connecting with Simon was difficult, however Edward, was "johnny on the spot" to help out. I would fish again with Simon. He is entertaining and knowledgeable, and willing to work for his clients chris <><

  5. Glen Eades

    Glen Eades

    My son (Dillon) & I recently had a day long guided "bonefish" tour with Simon - and what an awesome day we enjoyed. Not only was Simon a great guide that shared my son's passion for fly fishing, he was also a great teacher. He taught me the basics (the beginner) in under 3 min, and gave tips to my son that he'll take back home with him. Simon's a wonderful man - who enjoyed sharing his local knowledge & fly fishing experience. Highly recommend.

  6. Mattias Eder

    Mattias Eder

    Simon is not only a very friendly and funny man, but very knowligable concerning casting, knowing, where the fish are, getting the fish on the hook. I booked two days with Simon and Simon got me a Tarpon the first day on the second cast. This is far more, than anyone could expect. As the weather conditions have been bad, Simon was prepared to stop fishing and gave me the second half of the day two days later, when the conditions were apropriate. No extra charge for that, what meant for Simon to pick me up one time more than booked and he did that for free. Eventhough the conditions have been difficult - it was cloudy and very windy, we were able to get two bones. Simon is perfect, but I would suggest to bring your own equipment, including rod, reel, lines, leaders and flys. Thanks to Simon! I had great days and learnt to know a perfect fisherman and caster and hopefully a friend for the future. Mattias Eder, Germany

  7. Thea Palima

    Thea Palima

    My husband and I enjoyed catching bonefish with Simon! I must admit my husband is a new fly fisherman and man was Simon so very patient with us. He taught my husband and myself how to cast. This guy is a legend! So it was really an honor to fish with him. We were taken to New Providence a few minutes drive from Nassau. For people that are not used to seeing actual island life it can be a sight to get used to. I never felt concerned about my safety. I am from Guam so I know how true island life is so the sights actually brought back memories. One thing to note depending on the season Simon will either use the boat to find bonefish or go to private accessed flats (which requires very minimal hiking so bring the right shoes). You will be Wade fishing and the raft/float is really a place to store your belongings and to float on to the next route. My husband hooked on 20+ bonefish and landed 5. I had also caught 1! This was definitely a memorable trip for my husband and I. Thank you Simon!

  8. Justin Hurd

    Justin Hurd

    I've heard Simon is a great guide, which I expected and paid for during my 1/2 day trip, however it was not the experience I received. Started with Simon calling me the night before that he had busted his foot yet had a "guide" lined up to take us out, which is understandable. He sent a taxi to pick us up that morning, we picked up Simon and his replacement "guide". On the way to our destination we had to make a detour to drop Simon off at the hospital, and then to our fishing spot, to which I had to pay for all. After the various detours we made our fishing destination at 8 am, and the new "guide" needed to work on the 1 fly rod provided (there were two of us). It took 30 min for him to re-rig his one rod, making the comment that Simon had used crazy glue the night before to repair the rod, & we were finally ready to go fishing. We proceeded to wade for over 3 miles (via FitBit) and we never made a cast. Perhaps a bad day, perhaps not, but I do not recommend his service.