Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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Private fly fishing lessons include course content
geared to the specific needs of the student and range
from beginner to advanced.
Private fly fishing lessons may include a variety of fly
fishing skills including casting lessons, hands-on
instruction for mastering essential fly fishing knots,
equipment and accessories overview, entomology and
fly selection, just to name a few.
All casting lessons utilize the fundamentals as taught
by Fly Fishers International, which is adaptable to all
casting conditions globally. Your lesson includes the
use of the very latest in fly fishing equipment current
with today’s standards.
Private lessons are available in one (1) hour
increments at a cost of $70.00 per hour per person
with a 2-hour minimum for an initial introductory
For the beginner fly fisher, a simple tune up, or
technical casting.
Schedule now for your private fly fishing or casting lessons.

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$140.00 Fly Fishing/Fly Casting Lessons

Fly casting lesson
Morning Half Day
1 Person
Non-fishing activities offered

Lessons can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Fly Casting is the core subject, however any aspect of Fly Fishing can be included.

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Fish Targeted

Casting lessons can be tailored for most any species.

Fishing Seasons

Casting lessons can be tailored for any season.

Licenses and Requirements

Lessons may only require the signing of a liability waiver.

Suggested Tip

A 15% gratuity is typical but not necessary

More Info

Brian Richterkessing has been a professional fly fishing instructor and
guide for over 20 years. He is an accomplished angler and worked as the
Fly Fishing Manager of the Orvis Company in Atlanta for 7 years leading
their fly fishing schools and private casting instruction. Brian is a
Fly Fishers International (FFI) certified Casting Instructor (CI). He
was a fly casting instructor for the esteemed Atlanta Fly Fishing School
for over 13 years and worked as a professional fly fishing guide for
Blackhawk in the GA mountains. His fly fishing experience includes both
fresh and saltwater fishing from Alaska to the Bahamas and Italy. He is a
member of Trout Unlimited and active in the local Sheboygan Chapter.

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  1. Matthew Purcell

    Matthew Purcell

    Brian was very helpful and thorough in his instruction. He gave me several tips to improve my casting stroke and rigging to better enjoy fishing and time on the water. Very good instructor - would recommend to another sportsman