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Brooklyn, New York

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Need a break from the urban sprawl of NYC? It's as easy as hopping on the Q train. Enjoy a change of pace fishing for bass, bluegill and crappie in New York City. Prospect Park pond offers fun and visual fishing now that the good weather is here. It's a great opportunity for a newcomer in NYC, for beginners, or kids to get hooked on the sport.

If you want to do some urban exploring and try out fishing the Big Apple ponds, shoot me a message with any questions and we can get out on the water. My puppy, Presley, loves to fish if you would like her to join us. Just let me know.

Message Guide

$25.00 Fly Casting Lesson in Prospect Park AM

Fly Fishing, Fresh Water, Fly casting lesson
Morning Half Day
1–2 People
Drinks Provided
Transportation Provided

We'll arrange a meeting spot and head to the park for some fly casting lessons. I love helping new anglers learn the ropes.

$25.00 Fly Casting Lesson in Prospect Park PM

Fly Fishing, Fly casting lesson
Afternoon Half Day
1–2 People

We'll arrange a meeting spot and head to the park for some fly casting lessons. I love helping new anglers learn the ropes.

$40.00 Fly Casting Lesson in Prospect Park AM

Deep Sea, Fly-in fishing
Morning Half Day
2–6 People
Bottom Fishing


$1.00 test

Float Trip
Morning Half Day
1 Person
Keep your catch
Available trip add-ons: eg $45.00


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Fish Targeted

Bluegill, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Seasons

Fishing will in Prospect Park kicks off in mid-April. You can fish the pond until around October, when the water starts cooling down significantly. That said, you can fish all year round if you're up for a challenge!

Licenses and Requirements

All you need is a $5 single day New York state fishing license. 

Suggested Tip

Tipping is not required

More Info

I grew up in Charlottesville, VA, and started fishing the local water early on. After a brief stint living in Montana as a kid, I went back west for school at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I worked at Front Range Anglers in Boulder while a student, which was a great introduction to the fly fishing industry. 

I now live in Brooklyn, where I'm working on building the Fisher Guiding community. I love exploring our local NYC water, let me know if you want a trip fishing in Prospect Park. 

I have the gear (3 weight and 5 weight rod, flies, etc), all you need is a $5 single day New York state fishing license.

12 Reviews

  1. Luke Campbell

    Luke Campbell

    Before Edward gave me casting lessons, I had no prior experience fly fishing and had actually only fished conventionally around 10 times in my life beforehand. Edward gave smooth demonstrations of the casting technique for fly fishing, taught me how to rig up a rod and tie on flies, and gently pointed out the flaws in my attempts until I was making good casts (and continued to point out ways to improve and when I was casting best). As I'd heard from fly fishers before, the technique and art of casting definitely feels cool and calming. I actually fished with Edward another day after getting casting lessons, and he helped me catch my first fish on the fly. I'm excited to practice more and definitely recommend Edward for casting lessons.

  2. Daniel Costa-Roberts

    Daniel Costa-Roberts

    My buddy and I did a Prospect Park casting lesson in mid-October 2017. Between the two of us, we have just about no experience at all, but that wasn't a problem—Edward has a ton of knowledge and experience, and he's a good teacher, so he had us casting in no time. We even walked over to the lake and did some actual fishing once we'd gotten the hang of casting. We didn't catch anything, but we got some bites, and Edward's advice about where fish like to congregate, what lures to use, how to move the fly in order to entice the fish, etc. was super helpful. You can tell the guy knows his stuff, and he and his sweet dog, Presley, a super cute bundle of energy, were good, friendly company. This is a super fun, unique New York experience and, at $25 for two people for an afternoon, the value is pretty unbeatable. I've already recommended this lesson to friends, and I'm planning another lesson with Ed ASAP.

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Thanks, Daniel! It was great getting out with y'all. Hope to do it again soon!

  3. Brad Norton

    Brad Norton

    I booked a trip with Edward Hill for my 14 year old son while we were visiting family in NYC. Edward offered an outstanding service including communicating with me from the planning through the guided fishing outing in Central Park. He went out of his way to accommodate our needs and my son had a great time! I look forward to booking another trip with Edward in the future and to using Fisher Guiding again soon.

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Thanks, it was my pleasure and would love to do another lesson or trip with any of your family next time you're in NYC!

  4. Daire Whelan

    Daire Whelan

    Great afternoon fishing with Edward in Prospect Park. We spent the afternoon catching blue gill, crappies and other species on the fly. Hard to believe was in the heart of Brooklyn fishing on the fly. Edward is a great guide, very relaxed and a great help to anyone looking to pick up a fly rod in Brooklyn and New York. Highly recommended

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Such a fun time fishing with you and your two boys. Awesome they got to hook and land their first fish on the fly!

  5. Harold Hincapie

    Harold Hincapie

    We had a great time! Edward is the man, very patient, kind and knowledgeable. Will recommend!

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Thank you, Harold! It was great getting out with you two.

  6. Field Lesley

    Field Lesley

    Edward is an amazing teacher! He is kind, competent and patient. I am a novice fisherman, but I left my lesson with Edward feeling confident and excited to try out my new skills.

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Thanks, Lesley! I hope you had a great trip fishing for bonefish.

  7. Nick Alguire

    Nick Alguire

    Highly reccomend this trip for anyone looking to fish and learn to fly cast. Edward is super knowledgable and helped identify and tweak certain issues in my casting. Also, a lot of great tips on finding fish, selecting flys, and proper fly presentation. All in all a really fun afternoon on the water!

  8. Alexander Lencicki

    Alexander Lencicki

    Great trip! Edward is a phenomenal fishing coach!

  9. Michael Cascio

    Michael Cascio

    Had a wonderful time with Edward. He was incredibly patient with me, knowledgable, and accommodating. Learning to fly fish has been on my button list for a while, and while I still have a long way to go I can't imagine a better introduction to the sport. I look forward to booking more time with Edward in the future.

  10. Mike Heffron

    Mike Heffron

    My lesson with Edward was great. Haven't fished since I was a kid, and haven't fly fished ever, so I was a total novice, but he went over everything in a way that wasn't overwhelming. We practiced casting then tried out several different flies in the water. He had all the gear. If you're thinking of getting into fly-fishing but don't want to spend a lot of money right off the bat, then I suggest taking a lesson with Edward and seeing if it appeals to you.

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Appreciate it, Mike! You picked it up easily, nice job out there.

  11. Marcos Iglesias

    Marcos Iglesias

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with both Fisher Guiding and Edward. I have fished only a handful of times before and didn’t really know what to expect. The site was easy to use and self-explanatory. Edward responded quickly and we were able to schedule something that worked for both of us with ease. The actual session itself was a joy. Edward is a great teacher. He was very patient and knowledgeable. I felt guided through the whole experience. I’m looking forward to getting my own equipment and trying my hand solo thanks to Edward’s lesson. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Thanks, Marcos! Had a great time getting out with you. Good luck on your next trip!

  12. Jennifer Hamp

    Jennifer Hamp

    We had a great lesson with Edward. It was very professional, and we learned way more than we hoped. We enjoyed getting to practice what we learned, such that we feel we could do it on our own in the future. Of course the highlight of the day was catching a tiny adorable blue gill from the pond and then letting it go.

    1. Edward Hill

      Edward Hill

      Thanks, Jennifer! Y'all were fast learners, and nice work on the bluegill!