The Holiday Gift Guide For Fishers

Near the end of 2018, we published this holiday gift guide for fishers in order to give anglers a list of recommendations that any angler would love, and we gave each gift away as a special bonus to lucky customers buying a Fisher Guiding Gift Certificate. Stay tuned in the years to come for new lists and exciting gifts!

Giving gifts is fun, though it can get a little tricky picking something just right. We’ve heard from folks who want to set up a fishing trip for an angler as a gift, but they’re not completely sure of what date or what trip type will work, which is why we offer flexible Fisher Guiding Gift Certificates to use with fishing guides, charters, and lodges.

There are also plenty of gift ideas that fishers will love which we don’t sell, but brands we love do. We're all about guiding, so naturally we put together a gift guide with ideas for every type of fisher on your holiday list. 

The best part is that after gathering these gift ideas from our team, we've partnered with each of the 10 brands here to give away one of each recommended item to a lucky fisher! 

When you buy a Fisher Guiding gift certificate with a value of $50 or more any time before December 25th, 2018, you’ll be entered to win one of these gift ideas as a bonus to give to your favorite fisher (or to keep for yourself ... we won’t tell). We’ve got one of each gift to give away, so each random winner, in the order that they’re drawn, will get to choose which gift they want from the gifts available until all have been awarded to a recipient. Buy Gift Certificates HERE.

Read on for gift ideas that we recommend from some of our favorite brands and organizations, pick up a Fisher Guiding Gift Certificate, and cross your fingers to win one of these Fisher-approved gifts.

For Fishers Who Like To Keep It Simple: The Poncho Fishing Shirt ($69.95)

  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = The Poncho Fishing Shirt + Poncho Hat

We love seeing what others are doing to innovate within the fishing industry, and Poncho is a fellow newcomer worth following. They launched this year with a focus on making one product, a better-fitting fishing shirt without any of the unnecessary loops, pockets and velcro common in other fishing shirts. Instead, Poncho added hidden magnets in the pockets for easy, one-handed access. 

In regular and slim fits, Poncho shirts are designed to fit better so they look good and don’t get in the way when you’re casting. They’re quick-drying and lightweight like a fishing shirt should be, with a UPF rating of 50 to protect from the sun (a UPF rating of 15-20 is considered “Good” and 40+ is “Excellent”). Plus, coming from an ecommerce company, the price isn’t run up at retail. Hats are now in the lineup too, and we’re curious to see what’s next.

Fun fact: The Poncho name is (1) a reference to simple gear that works and (2) a nod to the nickname of St. Francisco, the patron saint of animals, ecology, and conservation. Pure indeed.

For Fishers Who Like To Hike To Their Favorite Water: Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Backpack ($130)

  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = Kanken No.2 Backpack

The Kanken and Kanken No. 2 backpacks from Fjallraven are designed with a mantra in mind from the company's home country of Sweden: “straight backs are happy backs”. A happy back can be something we take for granted, until it starts hurting or you have to start using your back and other muscles to cast to and reel in fish. Thus, when picking gear, one should look for smart design that’s meant to keep you comfortable and healthy. A large main compartment and opening makes this backpack easy to pack and take gear or supplies out of, which repeatedly comes in handy on fishing trips. The Kanken No. 2 is a heavier-duty release than the original Kanken, as this model is made from durable, double-waxed G-1000 HeavyDuty material, an inside back pocket in G-1000 Lite, and leather handles and details, making it an even better pick for rugged fishing adventures and hikes. We like it because it’ll work as a fishing backpack but also functions well and looks stylish for everyday use thanks to its simple and proven design. Check out Fjallraven’s full line too for other ideas like the Abisko Trekking Trousers, perfect for the angler who loves bushwhacking to a new fishing hole, and the Granit Shirt, a comfortable and durable wool shirt great for relaxing around the fire after a long day on the water.

For Fishers Constantly Losing Or Breaking Things: Ombraz Sunglasses (Reg. Price: $160)

  • For the Fisher Guiding community, Ombraz is offering an exclusive 33% discount on their sunglasses valid through the end of the year! Use this link and a 33% discount will automatically be applied at checkout.
  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = Pair of Ombraz Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a fishing necessity not only for eye protection but also to help spot fish swimming near the water’s surface. Ombraz Sunglasses launched onto the scene this year with a successful Indiegogo campaign and is shaking up the industry with their durable sunglasses that are especially fit for outdoor enthusiasts. The armless design features a wrap-around cord so they won’t fall off when the water gets rough, and they’re built to be indestructible … you can sit on them or throw them in your bag and not worry about it. Ombraz' focus on quality and practicality set them apart from all other eyewear. They’re equipped with polarized Zeiss lenses, they're scratch-resistant, and they're coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic nanotechnology that makes them super easy to clean. Aside from making quality sunglasses, Ombraz' mission is to create a net-positive impact. The company plants 20 trees for every pair purchased in order to offset the carbon footprint from producing each pair. They've already planted over 45,000 trees in 2018!

Ombraz are fly, they last, and they’re Mother Nature-approved.

For Fly Fishers In Need Of Gear (That’s Friendlier To Your Budget): Bozeman Flyworks, The Patriot Fly Reel ($120 - $130)

  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = The Patriot Fly Reel

There’s no way around spending money on a fly fishing setup, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good choices for different budgets.  A reel is an integral component, with options ranging from under $100 to $500 or more. We like Bozeman FlyWorks because their mission is to bring quality, affordable fly fishing products to the market with the aim of lowering the costs so everyone can enjoy the sport. The most recent addition and most recommended option in their line of reels is The Patriot, though they also have a couple lower-priced options to consider. If you’re in the market for gear, definitely check out their offerings for quality that will get the job done and last for years of fishing trips to come. When comparing to larger brands that have more overhead costs, you should be able to save some money to stash away for another item on this list or for your next trip.

For Fishers With An Appreciation For Art: Nick Mayer Art, Framed Prints Of An Angler's Favorite Fish (Small: $75 unframed, $149 framed)

  • Cyber Monday Special from Nick Mayer Art: Free signed book, Free 6 pack of cards and Free shipping with any print order until Tuesday, 11/27!
  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = A framed, small print of the fish of your choice

Fish are one of nature’s most fascinating canvasses, and fishers have favorite species to catch that are often due in part to the beauty of those particular species. Nick Mayer paints striking portraits of fish inspired by his background as a marine biologist, adventurer, and fly fishing addict. He has prints that look great in any room and cover almost every angler’s favorite fish ... colorful Brook Trout or Bull Dorado, elusive Permit, sportfisher favorites like Giant Trevally and Marlin, and many more. If someone on your list got their catch of a lifetime this year or has a bucket-list fish they can’t wait to catch on a future adventure, you won’t go wrong with a print that leads them to good memories or builds their excitement for special moments to come.

For The Fisher With Classic Style: Yewchati Trout Hat ($20 - $28)

  • GIVEAWAY = A hat of your choice from the Yewchati collection

One of the most foolproof gift ideas for someone who fishes is a hat. They’re practical for shading your eyes and in plenty of other ways during a day on the water or doing anything else outdoors. Take a look at Yewchati’s designs, and if the fisher you’re buying for likes trout, there’s about a 100% chance they’ll like this as a gift. Yewchati offers cotton hats and trucker hats in a variety of colors with a classic trout logo, and they have a Gameday Collection for fans of University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, Ole Miss, and Auburn University. We also recommend and support Yewchati because they give back 5% of their profits to conservation, allowing you to choose one of three organizations to support when making a purchase: Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture, or Lula Lake Land Trust.

For The Conservationist And Charitable Fisher (Hopefully All Of Us): Trout Unlimited Membership ($35 - $55)

  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = Regular Membership ($35) or Family Membership ($55)

Know someone who enjoys giving back and engaging with other fishers to do good? Give them the gift of community with a Trout Unlimited membership. Trout Unlimited’s mission is to conserve coldwater fisheries, so a gift to one person or even your decision to get involved is really a gift that we all end up benefiting from. Fisher Guiding is a proud business member of Trout Unlimited, and having attended meetings of various local chapters, our team members will personally attest to the value of TU efforts. Through large-scale river reclamations, stream cleanups, trout stockings and other projects, TU members may be responsible for work that’s gone into making your favorite coldwater fishery the fruitful environment that it is.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Local chapter membership
  • Four issues of TROUT Magazine
  • TU Member card, decal & sticker
  • Discounts on hotels, rental cars, fly fishing gear, and more
  • Member-only giveaways and sweepstakes

Please read more if you’re interested in joining the TU community. We and about 300,000 other members and supporters would love to have you with us!

For Fishers Who Love To Read (And Not Just Women): DUN Magazine subscription ($40)

  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = 1 Year's Subscription (4 Quarterly Issues) To DUN, A Lifestyle Fly Fishing Magazine

It may be the world's only fly fishing magazine created for women, by women, but DUN is anything but girly -- it's badass. What started as a digital passion project for Editor Jen Ripple has morphed into one of the most visually stunning and captivating print magazines on the market today. Each issue is filled with beautifully written first hand accounts of fishing adventures around the globe and gorgeous imagery that will make you want to book a trip and hop a plane as soon as you finish reading the last page. True story: a Fisher Guiding staff member's father purchased a subscription for her mother's birthday last year and they continuously bicker about who gets to read DUN first when it arrives in the mail each quarter. While DUN Magazine is a leader in the increasing representation of women in fly fishing, it is truly for all, no matter how you identify, and transcends beyond being a magazine solely for women. From DUN: With the goal of empowering women, not ignoring men, all anglers will find value in DUN magazine's articles focused on education, conservation, destinations and the fun of fly fishing.

For Fishers Into Tight Lines And Good Tunes: Pesca Muerta's Sustainable Goods Line ($26 - $55)

  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = Item Of Your Choice From The Sustainable Goods Line Plus Koozies And A Sticker Pack

While some fishers understandably love the feeling of getting out, immersing themselves in nature, and relaxing with the undisturbed sounds of the wild and the water, others find nirvana in the magical combination of fishing + favorite tunes. Pesca Muerta is a brand inspired by this philosophy, fueled by the pursuit of good tunes, good times and tight lines. They offer apparel, hats, and other choice goods that are cool and casual whether you’re rocking them on the water or jamming at a music festival. For the music-loving fishers out there, we recommend making a selection from Pesca’s sustainable goods line made from 100% recycled materials. There’s even a gift for dogs so your #1 fishing buddy can #RepThePesca too!

p.s. For your next trip, try out one of these killer Spotify playlists put together by the Pesca Muerta tastemakers.

For Anyone Who Wants To Learn To Fly Fish Or Become A Better Fly Fisher: The Catch And The Hatch, Online Course Or Membership ($100 - $200 For Courses, $3/$4 Per Month For Memberships)

  • FISHER GUIDING GIVEAWAY = Access To Any Course Or Fly Explorer Pro Membership

Fly fishing is a tactical sport that requires you to constantly evaluate your strategy and brings new challenges everywhere you go and in every season. For those unfamiliar, you need to trick a fish to believe that what you’re casting at them (any type of fly) fits in with the food (mainly bugs) which is naturally appearing in their water around that time, and you need to present it to them in a way that makes them trust its legitimacy. In addition to selling flies and gear, The Catch and The Hatch offers online courses on Entomology, Top Trout Flies, and Crafting Your Fly Box. Their Fly Explorer Pro Membership goes even further and is a guide to mastering 450+ patterns. Knowledge is power, and these courses will help someone become a better fisher and enjoy it more. Additionally, The Catch and The Hatch hosts a buzzing group of fly fishers on Facebook as a community to tap into for more knowledge-sharing and helpful discussion.

Our wish is that these recommendations have given you at least one idea to make a fisher happy this year. If you'd like to purchase a Fisher Guiding Gift Certificate and become eligible to win one of these, here is the link one more time. From everyone here on the Fisher Guiding team, we hope you enjoy the holiday season!