The Zambezi River and its Tiger Fish - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Clint Robertson runs Umdingi Safaris, specializing in Fishing and Camping Safaris from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. We met Clint at the 2018 Fly Fishing Show in New Jersey and are thrilled to be partners in making Fishing Safaris in Zimbabwe an easy option to book! Read from Clint below on why Victoria Falls is a one-of-a-kind destination, and contact or book your trip with Clint here.

Clint fishing a 5wt rod with a floating line with 100 yards of backing, using a piano wire and, on the very end, a Clouser.

Victoria Falls, being where it is in a third world country, has advantages like no other town or city that hosts one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Our guests are never warned about people but about the local wildlife; Buffalo and Elephant are constantly in our tiny town and often stop the traffic as they casually cross the roads. The mysterious Hyena skulking about most evenings is one certainly to keep a watchful eye on!

Within five minutes from my house, I can be sitting on my boat on the river or at the entrance gate for the National Park. I’m not sure of many other places on the planet where this is a possibility.

On a personal note, spending time on the Zambezi River whether it be fishing, birding or simply cruising around the islands and through the rapid water somehow fills me with something that is unexplainable, maybe life-fulfilling. 

Keeping an eye out for Hippos and Crocodiles is merely one of the jobs whilst on the river. The birding is simply off the charts, so if you have a keen eye for the avian species, then we most certainly can help with that.

The Zambezi River is home to roughly 60 fish species where we are situated, of which 10 of the species we will target throughout the different seasons. The Tiger Fish is the ultimate pound-for-pound freshwater fighting fish, and this is a must for any angler. Managing to hook one of these incredible sport fish will only aid in you wanting more!

12 lb Tiger Fish caught with Umdingi Safaris.

March through May the rain waters from Angola flood the Upper Zambezi Region with a lot of purpose, turning the water a light brown color. This provides new fishing territory with the higher water. Fishing tactics also change at this time of year, and we concentrate on using live bait. Tiger Fish being predatory have incredible eyesight as well as smell. In the dirtier water, we are counting almost solely on their sense of smell. As we approach May, the water begins to clear and the tactics change once again with Rapalas, F-zetts and Flies back in the tackle boxes which may be used until December (although some anglers are sold on bait fishing and may not change too much). This leaves out January and February free for the off season (unless otherwise organized).

The Piranha speed boat is the river boat of choice for many anglers, as it is rides the rapids like no other boat out on the river. This allows for a maximum number of 2 anglers as casting space with any more is a real challenge!

Accommodation is plentiful in Victoria Falls; however, with our itineraries we are fishing in places that very few people ever get to, generally making for a far better experience fishing and in the lodges. 

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