Susquehanna River Fishing Guides - Book Your Trip in Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna

The Susquehanna River is the east coast’s longest river system and home to many outstanding fishing guides. Its journey begins in New York State, continues into Pennsylvania, and finally ends in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Although it travels through all three states, the majority of the river is located in the state of Pennsylvania. This is where the Susquehanna River gets it notoriety as a world class smallmouth bass fishing destination. Other notable fish located in the Susquehanna include walleye, crappie, largemouth bass, catfish, and muskellunge (muskies). It is truly a diverse river that produces quality fish even when other bodies of water have slowed down and the fish move to deeper water.

While the Susquehanna River is accessible to many by shore or boat, the fishers that have the real advantage are those fishing from a kayak, drift boat, or the choice of most guides here, a vessel with either an inboard or outboard jet motor. When paired with the correct hull, these boats can operate in just inches of water! This capability allows for anglers to reach spots that others cannot. All guides listed here have the capability to bring their customers into “skinny water” and can be booked directly online through their linked pages on Fisher Guiding.

The Guides Of the Susquehanna and Their Location

Pittston, PA:

Alunni Guide Services is owned by Ryan Alunni and operates in the North Branch of the Susquehanna River (Trips from $200).

Tunkhannock, PA:

Boyd’s NEPA Guide Service is owned and operated by Anderson Boyd. While he primarily guides on the Susquehanna River, he also takes customers to several lakes around the area! (Trips from $230).

Elizabethville, PA:

Hooked On The Susquehanna’s owner Bobby Hauck has been fishing the Susquehanna River for much of his life. He is also located further south near Harrisburg, PA (Trips from $275).

Scranton, PA:

Al’s Susquehanna Guide Service is owned and operated by a former tournament bass angler, Al Casal. He has lived his entire life in Northeast Pennsylvania and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Susquehanna River (Trips from $100).

Gardners, PA:

Susquehanna River Guides is owned and operated by Brian Shumaker. He offers customers a different experience with his fly fishing trips. Instead of a jet boat, Brian takes his customers on his Hyde 16ft low profile drift boat! (Trips from $225).

Mill Hall, PA:

Smallmouth Success Stories is the guide service of Mark Shady who has been fishing the Susquehanna for 30+ years. Launch location can be flexible, and Mark offers a no fish, no pay policy. (Trips from $150).

Take it From Some of Our Guides

Anderson Boyd, Boyd's NEPA Guide Service:

"[The Susquehanna River] is accessible to so many people, it's not too far from New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the list goes on ... it is one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the world! It is also a unique fishery due to its many shallow fast water stretches. These river fish love that shallow fast moving water in the summer and when all the really good smallmouth lakes in the country get tough with the fish going deep, the river is usually on fire! Catching an 18-20" smallmouth in 12" of water in the summer is simply fantastic fun! 40-100 smallmouth days are considered normal for this river and experienced fishermen.”

Bobby Hauck, Hooked On The Susquehanna:

“I believe [the Susquehanna River is] the best smallmouth river in the country. We have a great population right now. I have been fishing this river a long time, and I still get excited every day I fish it. Our smallmouth are strong and exciting ... they will wear you out. The scenery is great on our river from rock ledges to islands ... most people have never ran [in] shallow water like our boats can. It makes it exciting! People will have fun with whatever guide they pick on this River ... they are all really good."

Brian Shumaker, Susquehanna River Guides

“I fish the Susquehanna River because it's my home water. I grew up two blocks from the river and it's where I learned to fish and fell in love with the smallmouth bass. As I grew up and was able to drive and explore I discovered the Juniata River, another top smallmouth bass fishery. When I started my guiding career I knew that I wanted to concentrate on those two rivers and smallmouth bass.

Both the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers are world class smallmouth bass fisheries. The structure (both rivers are limestone-based and that creates ledges, big rocks, smaller rocks, grass beds) and wide variety of food sources (from minnows, crayfish, hellgrammites and bugs) are what promotes and grows big smallmouth bass. Both rivers are tailor-made for smallmouth bass. The reason that I chose throwing the fly over conventional gear, is just the challenge and elegances of throwing a fly line. A lot of times the strike on a fly is visual whether it's on top with a popper or underwater with a streamer. There is just something about drifting slowly down a river and trying to figure out where the smallmouth will be and making the correct presentation. Smallmouth bass were made for fly fishing. They take the fly readily, fight hard and are a pretty fish, and smallmouth bass don't live in ugly places.”

We can't think of a reason not to get out there and fish the Susquehanna. Book your trip with one of these guides today and show us what you catch! #FisherGuiding #AccessibleAngling #HesAFisher #ShesAFisher