Fly Fishing in Peru with Peru Anglers - Day Trip Information and Multi-Day Programs

Peru Anglers is a family-operated fly-fishing outfitter, founded in 2011 and based in the imperial city of Cusco, Peru. We’re excited to partner with Peru Anglers for booking trips, across four unique and exciting programs. With the options linked below, Peru Anglers can accommodate any fly fisher whether you already have dates set for a visit to Peru and are looking for single-day trips, or if you’re looking to join on a multi-day angling expedition of a lifetime.

Their team of experienced and passionate anglers offers programs in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the eastern Peruvian jungle, and deep into the Peruvian rainforest and Amazon.

Each location has been carefully selected for its quality and variety of fish, ensuring memorable visits for each group. Peru Anglers promotes responsible fishing in Peru through catch-and-release practices and works closely with local communities to understand the importance of caring for our natural environment.

The prices and information below are updated for the 2019 season.

Day Trips from Cusco to Sacred Valley

Season: April – December

Explore remote, high altitude lakes in the Sacred Valley of the Incas!

Book a daylong visit to Andean lakes with abundant rainbow trout. Travel with Peru Anglers approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cusco and fish by boat, on foot or both depending on weather conditions. An unforgettable adventure for anglers of all experience levels! 

Full Day Trips: $540 USD for 1-2 anglers, $950 USD for 3-4 anglers, $1400 for 5-6 anglers.

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Featured Review from David Silve (October 20, 2019): "A worldly guide at the top of the world. We spent one of our days in the Sacred Valley with Gabriel [sic] forging a bond with the local community high above the town of Calca. Here he has set up a trout farm run by locals, employed a local assistant, and guided us along a spectacular stream high up in the mountains but easily accessible by car. We saw a few local herders but no other people, and Gabriel guided my wife and I with the sureness of a highly qualified guide. We were staying at Explora nearby, which does not offer fishing. I am an accomplished angler (Fishmore on Trip Advisor), while my wife is a novice. He guided her up the stream with a helpful arm and she came away having caught or near caught about ten fish, all smaller rainbows. With a university education, excellent English, and a well-travelled young life, he is an enjoyable conversationalist with an easygoing personality. His partner Dana takes care of the setup with perfect English (originally American) 5 star day."
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Multiday Jungle Programs on the Araza River

3 Days, 2 Nights

Season: July – October

Raft and fish in the pristine waters of Quince Mil, a remote region where the Andes mountains meet the Amazon rain forest!

These programs include 3 days of guided fishing and 2 nights lodging in Quince Mil lodge. It is possible to modify the trip itinerary to include an extra day of fishing or camping on the river, but please contact guides from the link below and inquire before booking.

Program Rates: $2580 USD per 2 anglers (e.g. $2580 for 1-2 anglers, $5160 USD for 3-4 anglers, $7740 USD for 5-6 anglers).

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Project Paiche – Iquitos

An exclusive fly-fishing experience in the heart of the Amazon with the most adventure-driven anglers in Peru!

Project Paiche ventures deep into the Peruvian rainforest, 2 hours travel from the city of Iquitos, for 6 days of exploring the pristine rivers and lakes of a communal reserve. This program is for canoe-steady anglers in search of the ultimate “off the beaten track” experience!

Program Rate: $3400 USD for 1 angler, and $2500 USD per additional angler for up to 4 total guests. 

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Tambopata Cusco Jungle

An unparalleled adventure traveling along the Tambopata River from the high Andes mountains to the lush Peruvian jungle.

The Tambopata programs begin at the heights of Lake Titicaca in eastern Peru, descending to Putinapunku, the lower jungle and the mouth of the Tambopata river. Just days in to the adventure, you’ll say “hasta luego” to civilization and embark into one of the last uninhabited forests of the world, with only the river as your team’s guide. Surrounded by 15,000 kinds of tropical vegetation, 1,000 bird species, hundreds of rare mammals and fish like pacu, gamitamias and catfish, it’s an adventure for both your flies and senses!

5 Day Program Rates: $2550 USD per angler (minimum 2) for up to 6 anglers.

10 Day Program Rates: $2800 USD per angler (minimum 4) for up to 6 anglers.

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Peru’s breathtaking views, vibrant cultural traditions, unparalleled cuisine, and superior potential for the sport of fly-fishing make it a must-visit for anglers of all ages! Please contact the guides directly from the pages linked if you have any questions, and book your trip with the best fly fishing team in Peru.