Fisher Guiding Co-Founders Discuss Their Platform for Booking Fishing Trips on the Fish Nerds Podcast

Co-Founders Edward Hill and Luke Campbell joined the Fish Nerds podcast with host Clay Groves for Episode 176, a special Halloween week show which you can listen to here

The episode features a countdown of the top 5 most terrifying fish with Clay's daughter and one-of-a-kind co-host, Zoe; an enlightening talk about how the moon phases affect fishing; a tasty recipe to cook Vietnamese pho made with tautog fish; and an interview and round of "Fish in the News" with the Fisher Guiding founders.

Edward and Luke talk with Clay starting just after the 46-minute mark and you can hear them explain Fisher Guiding's business model and how it aims to help both anglers and fishing guides. Throughout the rest of the interview and Fish in the News segment, hear directly from Clay on why he's excited to have his own ice fishing guide service listed on Fisher Guiding, keep your ears tuned to hear the guys' favorite fishing-inspired lyrics, take down tips for ice fishing and cooking bluefish, and catch Clay's burn of Luke and Chicago. 

We hope you enjoy this fun episode and subscribe to the podcast to become a Fish Nerd yourself!

Want just a 48-second preview of our favorite part? Here are Clay's words that you can listen to on our YouTube channel:

"Well, the good news is, I've visited hundreds of guide websites trying to figure out my business. And almost all are terrible to look at. Your website is beautiful. And it's comfortable to look at, and visually appealing and all the things are working on it. So good job on that... And I'm excited for you, and I hope that you guys can pull this off because it's badly needed. We need more people fishing. We need more guides making a living at it, and using a system like Fisher Guiding can really help bring more customers to us ice fishermen, or us guides, then it's good for everybody. And I don't mind paying six percent, by the way, that's like a finder's fee. I think that's no big deal."

Also, shoutout to Dock Talk 365 for their interview of Fish Nerds, where we first heard about the podcast and on whose blog we were also interviewed in April 2017.