ICAST 2019: Highlights From A First-Timer's Perspective

Earlier in July, I attended ICAST 2019 in Orlando, FL, thanks to an invitation from ANGLR, a fishing intelligence app. Going down the escalator into the floor, you get a sense of the size of ICAST, the world's largest sportfishing trade show. 

From skiffs, decked out cars, casting containers, bars, and more, you can see why it’s an industry attraction. For anyone in the fishing industry, the convention packs endless opportunity to meet with other brands and learn new things that are going on in the greater fishing market. 

There’s a lot of innovation and collaboration in the industry that’s exciting to see!

-- Fisher Guiding CEO Edward Hill


  • I was able to attend thanks to ANGLR, so a big thanks to their team for bringing me down. ANGLR’s partnership with Pure Fishing’s Abu Garcia rods is a great piece of technological innovation and it’s exciting to see them grow. 
  • Attending the Favorite Fishing Co.  after-party with Greg Seward, a previous Fisher Guiding intern, who now works with Favorite. They have some fun spinning rods designed in collaboration with Googan Squad. Awesome to catch up and see Greg at another cool and growing fishing company!
  • Listening to the CEO of Fishbrain present about data and the fishing industry. There’s a lot to learn from all the catches out there, and it’s fun to hear how they are looking to encourage new anglers to get started and keep anglers engaged.

  • Seeing a fisher casting for big bass in a clear shipping container in the middle of the convention floor. It makes me think about ways the industry can bring fishing into unexpected places for people who’ve never fished to try it for the first time.

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