Fly Fishing in North Neuquén: Discover A New Destination in Patagonia

What is Patagonia Trashumante Fly Fishing, and what makes it a new alternative to the old classics in Patagonia?

Patagonia Trashumante is SIDE "B", not a plan "B". Located in the deep Northern Patagonia countryside, this is a completely different set of rivers, which brings along differences in fishing pressure, landscapes and climate (better and sunnier!).

First, the location: Situated in North Neuquen, Patagonia Trashumante Fly Fishing is in the backcountry of North Patagonia's classic destinations. The largest city in North Neuquen is Chos Malal with only 16,000 inhabitants. Separated by 240 miles from the closest airport, the area had largely been inaccessible to international tourists over the last few decades. 10 years ago, there were no asphalt routes. Now, new asphalt routes connect travelers more easily to the destinations for our operation and get us there faster for more time fishing. This huge and solitary area is now slowly changing and being recognized for its worth. I was the first bilingual fishing guide in the zone and am still one of only a few. We now have 3 good hotels and 2 fishing lodges which are suited nicely for foreign visitors. While our operation is distanced from the large fishing scene, we take care of arranging all transfers, logistics, and accommodations within the all-inclusive nature of our fishing trips. Once you arrive at the airport, the rest is taken care of.

No other single destination offers the variety of fishing rivers (more than 14 different rivers are close to our operation’s lodges) and so many opportunities and alternatives to use your favorite skills and methods. Sight fishing, dry flies, nymphs (euro and traditional) and streamer action could all be perfectly used in a single day on a pair of our rivers.

Low Fishing Pressure: the number of rivers and the length of each makes this region a never-ending resource of pure old-fashioned adventure.

Pure and pristine rivers pass through North Patagonia’s classic and formidable landscapes, surrounded by wild nature (most of the days transpire with no other spectators than birds, goats or wild horses). I can guarantee that no other anglers would be fishing our waters. I give a $50 dollar refund for each angler we cross in the river. Yup, we’re that sure.

Chances are pretty good to connect on 20 to 30 fish a day, including two, three or more strong and fat trout (rainbows and browns) from around 18 to 24 inches long. There are no skinny trouts in Patagonia Trashumante. All of them are unitiated, hungry and willing to eat our flies. You can catch the fish of a lifetime in an unknown and far away river, completely out of the radar of massive industrial operations. We do not operate on any of the classic fishing destinations within North Patagonia: Limay River, Chimehuin River, Malleo River. With us, you will become familiar with other names like Trocoman, Nahueve, Lileo, Buraleo, Reñileuvu, Ñireco, Pichi Neuquen, Varvarco and some others.

As for temperatures, being at the top of Northern Patagonia in Argentina, most of the days are much sunnier and it rains much less. You can expect warm days at the rivers with temperatures that reach as high as 25 or 30 degrees Celsius (77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit), especially in December, January and February -- great for wet wading! March and November are more temperate, and April and May can get a little cold.

Patagonia Trashumante Fly Fishing currently operates in partnership with the Chochoy Mallin Fly Fishing Lodge and Varvarco Hosteria Lodge, giving our guests the most complete and refined accommodations and dining. Visit their websites for more info and photos, and then contact us for a reservation. Also, a night or two in a pure, riverside camp with a classic Argentinian barbecue (asado) is available and fully included in our trip offerings.

Our typical asado involves beef or goat but may also include pork AND lamb, blood sausage, or pork sausage. Of course, every good asado includes fantastic wines. All the wine on the trip is open bar for meals, and they are excellent (...I hate bad wine). For us Argentinian guides, it is absolutely a must to provide good wine.

The main idea is to find more fishing and rivers here than you can get in any other fishing destination. You can fish with different techniques and rods on one or two different rivers every day. There are fishing spots in every direction from the lodges or camps, amazing you each day with incredible landscapes and trout-filled rivers.

Our operation is all-inclusive: professional fishing guides, assistance, fishing licenses, all meals (including one or two Argentinian barbecues / asados), soft drinks, beer, wine, transfers from airport and fishing destinations all included. Write us for more details. You only need to buy your plane ticket to Neuquen International Airport, and we take care of the rest with no other charges. The best experiences are usually if you come as 2 or 3 anglers. If you are interested in coming with another guide for a hosted trip, 4 is a good number. We can of course accommodate larger groups of friends for a trip with the right planning, too. I always look forward to personalizing custom-made fishing trips according to the fishing experience anglers are looking for.

It's a very fun trip and only one week would not be enough, so we expect you will come back with us to fish more and more of our various rivers and secret spots!

Contact Gerardo Santos Tsuji, owner and operator of Patagonia Trashumante Fly Fishing, to ask questions or book your trip.

About Gerardo Santos Tsuji

In contact with fly fishing from the early beginning of his life, Gerardo inherited this passion from his father and grandfather. Born in San Carlos de Bariloche (perhaps the biggest fly fishing city in Argentina), he traveled with his family and then on his own to all kinds of fly fishing destinations in Patagonia, the rest of Argentina, and Latin America. Finally and many years later, Gerardo set forth to find an undeveloped fishing destination and is willing to contend that the best place in Patagonia is Patagonia Trashumante's region with its never-ending and numerous rivers and lakes. Now, the operation receives new visitors from all over the world who are willing to find a more adventurous and pure destination for trout fly fishing in Patagonia, far from the popular and massive destinations where other guides and outfitters consider their "comfort zone".

Based in Chos Malal, the center of the Patagonia Trashumante region, Gerardo is still in constant search of new spots and locations among this huge alternative ecosystem of rivers, lakes, creeks and spring creeks. Drawing on a career in fly fishing, he will organize your fly fishing trip in this region according to your comfort requirements (lodges, cabins or solitude camps) and the type of experience you are looking for. Gerardo will also take special care of the way(s) you most enjoy fishing to give you an exclusively-designed fly fishing trip. No trip is the same as another, there is no "fishing program". Together, you and Gerardo design your fishing trip according to your abilities, skills, and development desired. We are not going to fish the waters and styles which are more comfortable for the guide; the fishing and spots in the rivers will be according to the way you want to fish (dries, nymphs, euro style, streamers) and the kind of waters you most like (big rivers, creeks, lakes or spring creeks). This is a unique service and the specificity is what can make a real difference in the number of fish and your level of satisfaction.

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