Fishing Hot Spots in Las Vegas

The United States and Canada are filled with excellent fishing hot spots and are highly regarded as some of the best fishing grounds in the world. Fly-fishing in the rivers of the great wilderness of the American Northwest and Canada is on the bucket list of many fishing enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. Over the past few years, however, several fishing spots a little further southwest have started to become popular with pro and amateur anglers alike.

Yes, Las Vegas and its surrounding areas have become highly regarded as excellent grounds for fishing thanks to their well-stocked ponds, lakes and reservoirs — catfish, trout and different species of bass are in abundance here. Although globally recognized for being at the center of the casino boom of the 20th century -  recently overtaken by Macau as the world´s top gaming destination - these excellent fishing hot spots in Sin City show that there’s so much more to Las Vegas than showgirls and high rollers. 

Guest post by Fabio Contix

Lake Mead

Photo credit: National Park Service

The largest reservoir in the U.S., spanning over 150,000 acres, Lake Mead is home to an abundance of different varieties of fish. Thanks to its large, underwater drop-offs and deep trenches, you’ll find everything from bluegill to rainbow trout in its waters. It’s also a natural home to striped bass, and many fishing experts consider it the best hot spot in Southwest America for catching them.  

Located approximately 30 minutes’ drive away from Vegas, Lake Mead is one of the most accessible places to reach and fish. There’s plenty of parking along the shore, and several boat ramps and access points if you’d prefer to spend time out on the beautiful water.

Sunset Park Pond

Right in the heart of Las Vegas, you’ll find Sunset Park Pond: a 14-acre pond with a surprisingly large variety of species to catch. The pond is now home to self-sustaining populations of black crappie and largemouth bass and is manually stocked with rainbow trout every week.

One of the best things about Sunset Park Pond is its proximity to the famous Las Vegas Strip and the city. You’ll find it in the southeastern part of the valley, making it the perfect spot to relax and try for a few quick catches.

Lorenzi Park Pond

Another centrally-located humanmade pond, Lorenzi Park Pond, is an excellent little urban fishing spot. With around 3 acres of water which contain a steady stream of trout, the entire shoreline of Lorenzi Park Pond is open for fishing, and there’s no access fee to use it.

Located in Northwest Vegas, near the airport — although it may be one of the smallest bodies of water on our list — Lorenzi Park Pond is one of those hot spots that you must check out if you’re planning to fish within Vegas.

Floyd Lamb Park

Another fishing hot spot in the city, Floyd Lamb Park consists of four ponds, but only one is regularly stocked up with fish (on a monthly basis). Despite its small size, there are plenty of impressive catches here, including largemouth bass, channel catfish and rainbow trout. Regulars at the fishing pond have even reported catches of catfish and bass weighing over 20 pounds and 10 pounds, respectively.

Situated approximately 20 miles from the Vegas Strip, the Floyd Lamb Park is the ideal place to spend your downtime.

Colorado River Topock Gorge

The natural beauty of Topock Gorge, located in the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge across the Arizona state line, serves as a fishing paradise in the American Southwest. It may be a two-hour trip outside of Las Vegas, but an excursion out here is worth the travel. Topock Gorge is the ultimate fishing hot spot on our list, as the area is home to numerous populations of fish, including sunfish, carp, crappie, striped and largemouth bass and rainbow trout. The fish are also impressively large out here: one striped bass caught on the river reportedly weighed an astounding 52 pounds and 2 ounces.

Since Topock Gorge is a site outside of Vegas, you will need to purchase an Arizona fishing license if you plan to try and fish during your trip. Another option for plentiful fishing along the Colorado River is Lake Mohave, so if you can take an all-day trip and visit both sites, you’ll no doubt reap the rewards.

Licenses, Limits and Seasons

No doubt these exceptional fishing grounds have you eager to head down to Vegas and check them out. Before you do go, however, you will need to purchase a Nevada fishing license, located online at the Nevada Department of Wildlife website. The website itself is also an excellent resource for fishing in the area, so make sure you read the annual fishing guide to stay up on fishing limits, on and off-season dates and any other regulations that you may need to know before you cast a rod.