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Are you a guide, charter, or lodge looking to expand your customer base and simplify your booking process? List with FISHER GUIDING and join our consolidated international network of fishing professionals. Our guides enjoy customizable profiles, a sophisticated availability calendar, and a simple payment system. With guides across the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America, FISHER GUIDING’s presence is rapidly expanding. We hope you’ll join us — click below to fill out a sign-up form.

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FISHER GUIDING’s goal is to make fishing accessible for everyone to get out on the water more often — guides included. Our commission-based platform consolidates the entire booking process, from the first inquiry to the final payment. Whether you’re a veteran guide or just starting out, FISHER GUIDING helps you spend less time on the phone or scheduling and more time on the water.

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FISHER GUIDING automatically organizes your calendar, and you always have the choice to accept or deny trip requests. Never worry about double booking or forgetting clients’ names — we’ve got you covered.

Simplified Payments

Our safe, encrypted system is the ideal place to consolidate all your payments. FISHER GUIDING ensures you’re paid quickly and in full. Plus, we send the reminder for clients to tip you — no uncomfortable interactions and you keep all of the gratuity.

Client Outreach

FISHER GUIDING connects you to savvy, energized clients looking for a unique fishing experience. We also promote individual guide pages at no cost to you — we’ll work with you on a strong profile, you provide clients with good experiences to earn positive reviews, and your hook is set.

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Have questions about booking trips? Looking for destination ideas? Interested in guiding with FISHER GUIDING? Get in touch — we’d love to hear from you.

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