About Us

We’re All Fishers

Fisher Guiding was built on the belief that fishing should be accessible to everyone. Our platform connects people to a global network of guides, and simplifies the booking process with a safe, easy-to-use website. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the water, our fishing community has a place for you.

For All Fishers

No matter if you have decades of experience or have never picked up a rod, Fisher Guiding is right for people of every age and ability. And there’s no need to worry about equipment — most of our guides have everything you’ll need.

Built for Guides

Our free-to-join, low-commission platform allows guides to set their own calendars and rates, message clients, accept bookings and payments directly with a low 6% commission, and reach a global client base.

Guide With Fisher

Part-Time Guiding

Use Fisher Guiding to become your own independent outfitter, guiding whenever and wherever you want. We offer a meaningful web presence on a widely-marketed, far-reaching network.

Guide With Fisher

Fisher Guiding launched in March 2017 and was founded by Edward Hill and Luke Campbell, friends from Charlottesville, Virginia, who share a passion for connecting with others and exploring new places.

Need Help?

Let us know if you have questions on booking trips, becoming a guide, or destination ideas. Email or call, we’re happy to help.

Our Mission

Fisher Guiding is built to make angling more accessible, and we promote sustainable enjoyment of fishing. We are a proud business member of 1% For The Planet, Trout Unlimited, and Fly Fishers International. Trip payments through our platform are processed securely by Stripe, Inc., the best standard in online payments.